American Breakfast Cater Menu
Breakfast sammich - arugula and mixed greens with a Turkey sausage patty and tomato jam, topped with eggs.

Frittata - scalloped potato base with a harissa ham, spinach and mushroom filling.

Veggie hash - seasonal veggies, hash, served with savory/ tomato marmalade.

Classic breakfast - caseless sausage, pot hash, sourdough with seasonal jam.

Sammich & Soup & Salad Cater Menu

Prosciutto fig jam (seasonal) brie cheese on a baguette
Roasted veggies Italian style with pesto on focaccia bread
Turkey club on sourdough

Roasted tomato soup
Beet and carrot gazpacho
Chicken soup with Israeli couscous

Shredded papaya salad
Kale Caesar
Cobb salad

Taco Bar Cater Menu

House-made chips and seasonal salsa/guacamole

Seafood ceviche topped with seasonal fruit on top of fried plantain chips

Mexican Tacos:
Carnitas - slow cooked pork shoulder
Carne Asada - marinated flank steak
Barbacoa - Adobo-spiced slow cooked shredded lamb
Lengua - Braised beef tongue

Caribbean Tacos:
Jerk chicken/shrimp - Jamaican jerk-spiced chicken or shrimp
Cubano - roast pork, crispy ham, mustard crema, chopped pickles
Sweet potato and cassava *veg
Roasted wild mushroom coconut curry *veg

Beans and Rice
Elote - Roasted corn, chili powder, aioli, cotija cheese

Pan fried corn cake topped with agave butter
Tres Leches Brulee

Italian Tasting Cater Menu

Amuse - burrata mousse, cherry tomato bruschetta style, on toast point, micro basil

First course - panzanella salad, roasted shallot vin, pickled red onion (spring mix, radicchio)

Second course - butternut squash ricotta gnocchi brown butter sauce, fried sage, basil blossoms and oil

Third course - homemade pappardelle, veal ragu, charred broccolini, spiced organic carrots, pecorino shaved

Fourth course - tiramisu, homemade ladyfingers, espresso mousse, Dutch cocoa powder and shaved chocolate

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Filipino Camayan Cater Menu


Catering for events such as corporate functions, weddings, dinner parties, etc.

Personal Chef for more intimate events.

Growing up in a Filipino-American family, food played a large role in our lives. Memories of my Lola (grandmother) spending long days and nights in the kitchen baking ensaymada or cooking her special lasagna—my favorite—still echo in my mind. It was through her cooking that I learned about, and fell in love with, my Filipino heritage.

I am a true-to-form New Yorker but moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to be closer to my family. Both cities are world-renowned culinary hubs yet each has its own quintessential flavors, styles and dishes. I am proud of my multicultural heritage and strive to keep that identity intact no matter what new endeavor comes along.

While food is necessary for survival, it is also an experience—a way for us to reconnect with our past and build deeper connections with loved ones. Taste and smell are evocative and nostalgic, a universal language that anyone can use to express themselves as well as their culture. My intention is to take my culinary passion and combine it with the culture instilled in me by my Lola.

The Corner Stoop is a culmination of my life and heritage, reinterpreted into a medium that I can share with everyone. I hope you enjoy the experience!

Carissa K. Dintemann
Executive Chef/Owner

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